Justin Sullivan/GettyImages

The kids and I went to the Strawberry Festival on Saturday. We had a great time! The kids both got chicken pitas, and I tasted them and they were really good. We got fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade which was to die for!  We walked around and looked at all the vendors and saw lots of people we know. We took Bentley with us too, who got a lot of attention! There was this one lady selling eight-week-old baby Yorkshire Terriers. She was pushing them in a stroller. They were so adorable it took everything for me not to buy another one! We enjoyed listening to some of the live acts that were performing, since both of my children are really into music. We had a great day at the Strawberry Festival and you couldn't have asked for better weather!

Did you guys go to the Strawberry Festival? If so what was your favorite part of it?