Dave Greber

This morning I had Dave Greber from WBNG in as my special guest. We had a great time! It was nice getting to know Dave a little better. Usually our interaction is just me picking on him because Louie G and I beat him and Howard Manges in the Celebrity Spiedie Cook Off.

I learned that Dave is from Cincinnati Ohio and he moved to Binghamton with his beautiful wife Sarah and their two daughters, Gwenyth and Reese. I learned Dave's first concert was when he was 5 years old and he went with his neighbors and friend to see the Eagles. His first job was at Kmart and yes he did wear the red vest and it was back in the day of blue light specials, Icees and popcorn. We both agree we loved the Icees and popcorn! I learned his first crush was in re 5th grade when he started very young mackin on the girls. Dave also bought a beautiful house that has tons of character as its 130 years old. He has also discovered that older homes can come with a few surprises as well...like a bat. It was interesting to find out that as he was hiding under the bed while his wife had to catch the bat and set it free since she wasn't about the allow it to stay in the freezer like the Health Department wants! Kidding! I learned that Dave has been very depressed since losing to us in the Spiedie Cook Off. In fact so depressed he chose not go participate this year as he was afraid he couldn't handle being rocked by another loss. My advice is to concentrate and perfect ONE flavor instead of getting fancy with two! Dave is also going to be participating in the Mental Health Association's 'Men Who Cook' fundraiser. Oddly enough I'm going to be a celebrity judge at the event. I do want to let Dave know that bribing is always the way to go. In case he wasn't sure I enjoy coffee, chocolates, wine and flowers just to name a few ideas. ;)
Seriously though I had a great time with Dave and he was a natural. I really appreciate him getting up early and spending the morning with me. And he so graciously offered to come to my house in the winter and shovel for me before I go to work at 4:45am since he lives nearby. What a sweetheart!!