This weekend I took Caleb to Sneaker Con in the city. He has wanted to go to this for a while now and begged me to take him so I decided I would take him. Sneaker Con is a huge sneaker convention where people buy sell and trade sneakers. There are also lots of vendors there as well as famous basketball players. You had to buy a ticket to get the Sneaker Con so Caleb went online and he bought one for himself. I decided that Lexi and I would drop him off to Sneaker Con then walk down to South Street Seaport and do a little shopping. When we got to Sneaker Con I just couldn't even believe the amount of people that were there! I have been to some pretty big concerts like Eminem the Meadowland and One Direction and I can tell you the lines and crowd at Sneaker Con were bigger! But Caleb didn't mind because he was so excited. I am really glad that we bought a ticket online because the line to get in the door was insane but the line to buy a ticket was even worse and then had to go wait in the other line to get in! So after about an hour and a half Caleb got in and Alexis I walk down to South Street Seaport. And I totally forgot that it was closed for remodeling. So we kept walking down to Battery Park to watch the sunset over Ellis Island. Then we headed back to meet up with Caleb. He got a new pair of sneakers that he wanted. He was very happy that he finally got to go to Sneaker Con! And I'm sure he's already planning his next trip!