By: Rick Diamond Getty Images Entertainment

Well the VMAs were Sunday night and we are still talking about them. Miley Cyrus needs a TIME OUT! I was totally disgusted by her performance. I said if I was her mother I would've grabbed her by her little devil horned hairdo and dragged her ass off that stage. It was disrespectful to MTV, the audience, the Disney Channel who gave her her first crack at show business and disrespectful to herself!

Someone said to me that nobody seemed upset by Lady Gaga's outfit so why was everybody so outraged by Miley Cyrus? While I think Lady Gaga's outfit was inappropriate it really wasn't the clothes or lack of clothes that bothered me about Miley's performance. It was the grinding and gyrating and the rubbing of the crotch. It was trashy and rather disgusting. It was borderline R-rated if you ask me. I get that she is a grown adult and wanting to break free of that little girl image that so many people still see her as but the way she went about it in my opinion was totally incorrect. I know some people will compare her performance to when Madonna pushed the envelope with 'Like A Virgin' or people like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who also got their start through Disney. But I don't think any of their performances were as raunchy and tasteless as Miley's was. I think Miley Cyrus is heading down the same road as Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Maybe this is the wake up call people around her needed to see to get her some proper help!I

Is it wrong that I was secretly hoping during her performance that she'd bite off her tongue that she kept sticking out her mouth?!?! On a side note, I will from this point on never allow my kids to buy another foam finger at any game we go to!

What is YOUR opinion about the performance?