Look how cute these cookies are! Alexis and I made them the other day and they were pretty easy to make. So great for Easter.

Sugar cookie dough

Colored sugar

Shaved coconut


Shoelace licorice

Jelly beans or malted milk eggs

Take cookie dough and roll into ball then roll in sugar. I used pink and purple sugar.  Press into mini muffins to form a "basket." Bake. Then when cooled fill with frosting. Take shaved coconut (make sure you get the moistened coconut so the sugar will stick) and mix some green sugar with it to make it green. Sprinkle frosting with coconut and then put the candy eggs on top. Then take the licorice to make a handle for the "basket." ENJOY!

If you have any good recipes please send them to me and I'll feature them on our website!