On Saturday I went down to my friend Susan and Andy's house to go to a Kentucky Derby party. They live down near the city. So I got a dress and a hat and I was all ready for the party! When I get to their house we had about 20 minutes before we had to leave and all I had to iron my dress, so I figured I had plenty of time. So Igot the iron out and put it on a low setting. Well as soon as the iron touched the dress it melted a big hole in it!  I didn't bring a backup dress, which lesson learned, because next time ill bring two dresses.Thank goodness Susan had a dress that fit and matched my hat and shoes and we were out the door and off to the party on time! I was a bummed that I couldn't wear my original dress that I brought but it all worked out in the end and we had a ton of fun at the party. But next time I go out of town I won't be packing "lightly" because I will defiantly bring a spare dress just in case!
But I will be taking the dress back to the store since it did say you could iron it.
Tell me about your fashion faux pas.