I love summer! It's my favorite season. I like hurrying home after work to spend time with my children. This summer we had many little adventures, including Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, Camel Beach Water Park and many other local adventures. We decided to end the summer by spending some time this past weekend at Sylvan Beach. We love it there! The weather was PERFECT! We stayed most of the days at the beach, went to dinner, got ice cream and enjoyed the jacuzzi that was in our room. In fact we went and got ice cream and filled the tub then got into our swimsuits and ate our ice cream in the jauczzi. We really had a nice time at the beach and Holly Wood even stopped and hung out with us for a little on Monday because she has a friend who has a house on Sylvan Beach. Here are a few pictures we took of our last summer adventure, including the four person float that I bought that we all went in, including Bentley!