Here is what this week's letter writer had to say:

"I just started seeing a wonderful guy.  He's handsome, smart, successful, and we click.  I've never met anyone like him. He's also extremely attentive and chivalrous. After weeks of flirtation and dating, he dropped a bomb on me: He just got out of a seven-year relationship. Not only that, but he's known the woman for 18 years, since college. They ended their relationship two months ago. I'm a little annoyed he didn't tell me about this when we first started seeing each other. Why would he hide this from me? Am I a rebound for him? Should I cut him loose?"

Hmmmm...this one is tough. I think you should see if he'd like to open up and talk about this more. Because maybe the relationship was over before it was officially over. Maybe he didn't want to open up about his past relationship and now that he's getting closer he's feeling it's the right thing to do. There are many factors here, but bottom line in my opinion I don't think you should feel like the "rebound" based on what you wrote. You need to ask more questions!