Here is what this week's letter writer asks:

"I knew my two best friends back in college before they were a couple. But they've been having so many problems lately, they've decided to break up after five years of dating. They're not even speaking anymore, and it's awkward . . . because I know them both really well, and I feel like they want me to 'pick a side.' Do you have to take sides when two of your friends break up?  How do you choose?"

NO! And nor should you! People break up...emotions run high at first. You need to support and love both and stay neutral. When they start complaining about the other one, listen but give no advice or take sides. I have had friends that have had their share of issues and they know I will not take sides and I love both of them. Trust me when I say when things settle down they will remember how you loved and supported both without taking sides, even if they want you to now.