Here is what this week’s letter writer had to say:Read More: Tanya’s Midweek Crisis Letter- My Friend Is A Quarter Irish And He Always Brags About How Irish He Is |

Here is what this week’s letter writer had to say:

"I got a job offer the other day, and as soon as I accepted it, I put a status up on my Facebook page. Problem is, I forgot to quit my old job first.  I'm friends with my boss on Facebook, and she saw my status. When I did quit, my boss told me she was disappointed that I wouldn't tell her first.  She said I could leave right away because they didn't need me anymore. Was it rude of me to put up a status on Facebook about my new job before I quit my old one?  Should I try to get back in my old boss's good graces so I don't burn any bridges?"

Well I get you were excited but seriously that was a dumb move! Your boss was your friend? Seriously not cool! I get if you could have cared less but still that's not the way to leave your job. You should have had enough respect for your boss/friend and given her the respect of  know in person NOT on Facebook! With that being said, you clearly know you screwed up. So you need to go to her office and explain that you're human, you made a mistake, you regret it and that you want to end things on good terms. Hopefully she will be understanding. Keep me posted!