Here is what this week's letter writer has to ask:

"I'm dating a guy who seems perfect! He's handsome, has a great job, he's extremely successful and he really likes me and shows his feelings all the time. In my experience, that means there has to be something wrong with him. We've only been dating for a month, but I'm starting to freak out. We haven't slept together yet, so I'm assuming that's where the problem will be. No one's perfect, right? Should I be worried?"

First of all, no one is perfect, you said it yourself. It's natural to put your best foot forward in the beginning! But with that being said, as long as you're realistic and don't expect perfection but do expect some flaws because he has's just his good looks and good job may be clouding them a little! Give it time, they will reveal themselves! Also I don't think you should judge him by your past experiences, really not fair! You need to relax and go with the flow and see where it takes you...and just maybe you will end up being with the perfect man for you!