Here is what this week's letter writer had to say:

"I'm in college and my friends and I have been having a lot of fun enjoying our final few months. At a party last weekend, I drank a little too much and kissed my best friend who's a girl. We are both straight, but her boyfriend kept egging us on. But my boyfriend was there, and he wasn't happy. He actually pulled me away and accused me of cheating on him. Is it cheating if I kissed my female friend who's also straight?"

I don't think it really matters if I think its cheating or not. Personally I don't....I do think it's trashy though. And clearly your boyfriend is bothered and that's all that matters. If it bothers him, don't do it! Plus let's face it, it's trashy. Don't let people "egging" you on influence you, at this point you should be strong enough to say no and stick with it!