"I've been seeing a woman for a few months who's really great.  But she told me something the other day that kind of bothered me.

She said she hasn't had a serious, 'official' boyfriend in ten years.  And she's 30.  I was blown away, because she's attractive, smart, and funny..

Is there something wrong with a woman who hasn't had a boyfriend in ten years?  Should I get out now while things are new?"


Greg...I think you're looking for reasons to get out! Maybe she was busy with school then her career. Maybe she hadn't found anyone worth the effort of dating. Maybe she went on several dates but it never developed into anything. Maybe her focus wasn't a relationship. Maybe she got really hurt and wanted to be alone for a while. There are several reason why she didn't have an official boyfriend for 10 years. You should be overjoyed that she has chosen to be with you! You yourself said she's great, smart, attractive and funny so how sad would it be to throw a potential relationship away because of this. Relax and see where this adventure takes you!