Here is what this week's letter writer had to say:

"St. Patrick's Day was on Monday. And every year, one of my obnoxious friends needs to make the day about him. He always brags about his Irish ancestry, his long-lost family members who came over from Ireland, and says we all need to respect the holiday. Here's the thing...he's only ONE-QUARTER Irish. Can you really brag about being a certain ethnicity if that's only a fourth of your background?" wrote the letter so you must want my honest advice and here it goes...who cares?!?! Seriously!!!!! I wish I had your problems! He's Irish...he's proud of it...who cares how much or how little Irish he is. Maybe he was close to a family member that was mostly Irish and he feels he wants to honor that person and that ethnicity. Bottom's ONE day...let him have it and learn to be more tolerant of your friends!