This is what this week's letter writer has to say:

"My friend has been dating a new guy, and the other night she wanted me to meet him for the first time. I didn't like him at all.  He was cheesy . . . full of himself . . . and he flirted with the waitress in front of us. He's nice to my friend, but I don't think he's right for her.  She really wants to talk to me and get my opinion on him.

Should I lie and tell my friend I like her boyfriend?  Or should I tell her the truth?"

If she's your friend then you should be honest if she asks for your opinion. I wouldn't offer up your opinion, but if she asks, be honest but tactful. I would start out saying he seems to treat you very nicely which is good but honestly I thought it was very rude and inappropriate that he flirted with the waitress. And say I'm not sure he's the right one for you but I like seeing you happy and I support your choice. Then see what she says.