This is what this week's letter writer has to say:

"My wife and I have two kids:  A one-year-old girl, and a three-year-old boy. They're great kids. But for some reason, my wife dresses them up in humiliating outfits. For Easter they had ridiculous bunny costumes . . . and for the Fourth, she bought them these horrid stars and stripes uniforms. My son is only three, but I can tell he hates it.  And I don't want these pictures to embarrass them when they're older. Why do people dress their kids in cutesy, humiliating outfits? Should I tell my wife to stop?"

I think every mother dresses her kids like this...and it's cute! Relax dad and let her have fun dressing the kids...these will be pictures to enjoy forever! And best of all your kids will be totally fine!