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Here is what today’s letter writer had to say:

"My daughter is 12, and she's loved Justin Bieber pretty much since he's been around. I used to like the kid, but I don't anymore. I think he's a little punk, and I'm glad he finally got some comeuppance by getting arrested. I think he's a terrible role model for my daughter, so I told her to get rid of all her posters . . . books . . . music . . . whatever.  I don't want it in my house. My daughter thinks I'm being unreasonable.  Is it wrong for me to ask her to get rid of all her Justin Bieber stuff?"

My opinion and it's just mine...yes I think it's unreasonable. Justin Bieber is an adult and he's making some poor decisions but her biggest role model should be you. And she should taught the error in his ways. But she's going to still think he's "cute", she's still going to want to listen to his music and stare at his posters. I think it's hard enough being a kid and that maybe removing all his stuff and not letting her listen to him, will just be making a mountain out of a molehill.


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