Last night was the Feast With The Beast Fundraiser at the zoo so my daughter, her friend and myself went to it like we usually do. Our zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the US. I love our zoo and we go all the time. I remember going as a kid and I took my kids weekly when they were babies. Sometimes I go just to walk around the zoo for exercise and enjoy the animals and nature. One lap around the zoo is about 1 mile so if you do a few laps around, it's a nice little workout and you are distracted while doing it!

I thought I'd share a few of the pictures we took of this event where you walked around and there were different food and wine stations set up all donated by local restaurants and vendors. I noticed I didn't take any pictures of food because I got so distracted by the baby wallaby (joey) and baby red panda!  But everything was delicious! And the animals were really active, I think they could smell all the delicious food we were feasting on! If you've never been, you must plan on attending next year!