It's so hard for me to believe, my "baby" is heading off for his first day in high school. Actually he's my oldest but it doesn't matter because every mom knows your children will always be babies in your eyes!

I remember when Caleb went into kindergarten. I was a wreck! I followed the school bus to school after he got onto it and then I went into the school down to his class room (claiming he forgot something) and "spied" on him. The teacher came out and asked me if I needed anything, clearly she was wondering what I was doing! I said I'm just making sure my baby is okay, then I started crying and said "how am I supposed to leave him here ALL day with total strangers, he's going to be so scared!" Then she started to get emotional too! She said it was her son's first day in kindergarten and she was wondering how he was doing and nervous for him too! We hugged each other and I realized this "stranger" was also a mom  who was holding it together although she was wondering how her little guy was doing on his first day. I decided it was time for me to go home. And in case you were wondering, Caleb was in his classroom playing and making friends and doing way better than I was doing! And his teacher and I are still friends and she also was Lexi's teacher. We love you Jen Broder!

Now that little boy is so grown up and going into high school. A big strong football player. The school is so big and I hope he doesn't get lost. I hope his day is really good as he starts this new phase in his life. I'm very anxious and nervous for him today, almost like when he started school. But today I will not follow him to school or spy on him, okay well maybe I'll spy on him a little but he will never know!

BTW...I'm not allowed to put pictures of Caleb up as he is a very private person, and he will probably be furious that I even did this blog about don't tell him about it if you see him!