Last night Holly Wood and I went to The Forum to see 'The Addams Family A New Musical Comedy'. We had a great time! I love that kind of stuff and if I lived closer to NYC I'd go to every Broadway show! So when shows like this come near us, it makes me very happy.

The show was great. The singing amazing. The stage was set perfectly. The costumes were dead on! I thought the actors were just incredible. I noticed Morticia's movements were just like in the show. The play was about love and trust. All the characters were perfect for the role they played. I really enjoyed it. I kept thinking what a cool job it must be to be an actor in these shows.

The only thing I wished they did differently was in the playbill I wish they put a picture of the actors not in costume so you could see what they really look like. The makeup on them was so good but I wondered what they look like not in costume.

Did you go to the show? What did you think about it?