Check out these random facts about One Direction that you may or may not know. Some of these are pretty weird and random but that's why their fans love them, right?! Read on to find out how you can see One Direction Live in concert...FOR FREE...I mean, we are pretty much going to pay YOU to see them!

  1. Liam has a fear of spoons
  2. Niall screamed when Justin Bieber "followed" him
  3. Harry's favorite food is sweetcorn and his fave drink is apple juice
  4. Ed Sheeran wrote 'Moments'
  5. Liam has been on 2 series of The X Factor. He entered in 2008 and was eliminated
  6. Zayn's Arabic tattoo on his collar bone means "Be true to who you are"
  7. Louis is the oldest member of One Direction
  8. Niall is a lefty but plays the guitar like a righty
  9. The first song 1D sang together on the X Factor was “Torn”, and they sang it at Simon Cowell’s house
  10. Harry speaks French fluently