I hate shopping during the holiday season because of the long lines and not being able to find a parking spot. Here's a list of the 10 best days to shop to avoid some of the unpleasant things about holiday shopping.

Retail analyst ShopperTrak came up with a list of the 10 best days to shop during the holidays, based on when there would be the least amount of foot traffic in stores.

Here are the ten lightest shopping days, ranked from least to most retail foot traffic:

1. Nov. 27 -  Tuesday

2. Nov. 26 -  Monday

3. Nov. 28 - Wednesday

4. Dec. 4 - Tuesday

5. Nov. 29 - Thursday

6. Dec. 3 - Monday

7. Dec. 5 - Wednesday

8. Dec. 6 - Thursday

9. Dec. 10 -  Monday

10. Dec. 11 -  Tuesday

I think I will be hitting the stores November 27th! I've always been one to procrastinate and wait till the last day to shop. But this year I'm determined to not let that happen. We shall see! When do you get most of your holiday shopping done?