Let's face it, we all buy things that seem really great in the moment and then you get home and NEVER use it! Go to any garage sale and you will find brand new products that people bought and never used once they got them home. According to Wise Brothers, a new survey was done and here are the top 10 products people regret buying because they never use!

10. Sleep tracker or monitor

9. Cocktail shaker

8. Bread machine

7. Juicer

6. Pasta-maker

5. Digital photo frame

4. Fondue set

3. Workout DVD's

2. Foot spa

1. Chocolate fountain

I really wanted to buy a chocolate fountain until I went to a friends party and she had one and it made a huge mess because the chocolate splattered all over and kept getting clogged up. It was a huge ordeal to use! I do use my fondue set however, once a year! At Halloween time I make a pot of it and I use red chocolate, and it looks like blood... the kids love it! My mother used to make home-made pasta from the pasta maker and what a mess did that make! Not worth it in my opinion especially because I was the one who had to clean it up and 25 years later I still say it's not worth it! And I think every woman has bought workout DVD's and never used them, I'm guilty of that!

What products have you bought that seemed like a great idea at the time but then you never use?