Do you get enough sleep? According to a new study many of us aren't. The study says the average person now goes to bed at 11:15 P.M. and wakes up at 5:50 A.M.  That's only six hours and 35 minutes of sleep per night. The ideal amount of sleep is seven and a half hours. The study also found 40% of people get less than six hours of sleep per night.  Only 25% sleep for more than seven hours.

Lack of sleep can cause many health issues such as: memory loss, inability to lose weight, ages your skin, can lead to high blood pressure, you can suffer from depression, you feel grumpy and foggy which could affect many aspects of your life.

I know I defiantly don't get enough sleep! It's very hard when you have teenagers and your running around in the evenings with sports and lessons and everything else that comes along with teenagers. I'd say I go to bed close to 11pm. I TRY to go to bed earlier but that doesn't usually work out they way I plan it. And I get up around 4am. I do usually sit down on the couch and wait for my kids to get off the bus and I take a 20 minute nap. But clearly it is still not enough sleep! I'm going to try very hard to get organized and get to bed earlier.

How do you measure up to this study?