Over the weekend, I saw The Best Man Holiday and I've got to say that it was one of the best movies I have seen in a while!

If you are going to go see this movie, keep in mind that it is a sequel so seeing the first movie is highly recommended! Although, if you can't find the time, there is a brief montage at the beginning of the new movie to kind of fill you in!

Some other things to know about the movie:

  1. The men in this movie are absolutely gorgeous. If your significant other is going to get jealous when your eyes widen when Morris Chestnut's character takes his shirt off....then don't bring them! ha!
  2. This movie is what I like to call an emotional rollercoaster.
  3. Although, I call it an emotional rollercoaster, which I don't want to speak too much on if you haven't seen the movie, it's also full of hilarious scenes!
  4. This sequel is way deeper than the first. And yes, that's me speaking on the whole emotional rollercoaster thing again which I said I wouldn't...oops.
  5. Did I mention that Morris Chestnut is shirtless in this?! Oh, I did?

Check out this clip of the men of The Best Man Holiday reenacting one of my favorite scenes!