One night I was out and ran into a few friends, Jim Worhach who works for the Broome County Government and Animal Adventure owner Jordan Patch.  We got talking politics and who we thought would win the different races. We both thought that Debbie Preston would win the race of Broome County Executive but the debate was just by how much she would win.

I said I thought she would win with her opponent receiving 34% of the vote while Jordan thought he would get 42%. I said if I win I get to spend the day with Boomer the kangaroo and that Jordan would have to potty train Bentley (my puppy) and Jordan said if he won I'd have to come up to Animal Adventures and shovel poo. So the bet was made. Who will be the winner?

Take a listen to our conversation the after election day.

Well Debbie did win and she received 63% of the votes making me the winner!