Get to know the local artists from The Collective Music Group! You can hear their song, "Back to the Show", today at 4:30pm on Wild 104!

What is your bands name and who are the members of your music group?

The Collective Art & Music Objective is an independent group of artists and musicians from many genres. Members include but are not limited to; Mojo Mello, Duane Jackson, Weegee, Dk Wood, Madd Comic, Dj Reach-E, Clyde James, and Nate O also known as Ap..

How long have you worked together?

A large portion of our conglomerate have been friends or acquaintances long before the inception of the Collective Objective. From meeting through mutual acquaintances, school or other institutions the group itself is still expanding and growing in this fledgling operation.

What genre of music would you consider yourself?

Our brand of music is rooted in organic hip hop, a culture diversified through individual preference and perspective. Hip Hop itself, created from the values of Jamaican dance hall and combined with the sounds and elements of any musical genre in which you draw inspiration from, allows for us as artists to not label our sound as any other than Hip-Hop.

Inspirations? Are there any labels you're affiliated with? Any music organizations?

While drawing from many obvious and obscure inspirations, indulging in all aspects of music and art. It is very clear to us as a unit, that we are very much on our own in our choices and paths we take with our musical endeavors. Being a large group of individual and independent artists, it is not up to one or more members to be responsible for the group as a whole.

As a group, what is your biggest challenge?

Locally, the largest issue that still stands as a problem is venues- or lack thereof. Some of our group members do more shows than others, but let it be known that the Collective Art & Music Objective puts on a live performance no matter Who, Where or How many are on tap.

Could you briefly describe your music making process?

The process that we go through as we make music is...Eclectic.

Whats the ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?

The Collective itself formed early 2012 and is still coming into its own. Each musician brings his or her own unique and original taste for sound, allowing for collaboration with and on a large spectrum of levels.
While the goals for us as individuals are as diverse as we are artist, our purpose is to evolve and create for not only ourselves but the people who demand more from the music they choose to listen to as well.

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