One of my latest beauty related obsessions are hair masks! If you are someone who is constantly using hot tools on your hair then this is something you may want to consider using.  A lot of people use face masks but why not give your hair a little extra TLC as well?

Hair masks repair your hair and leave it smooth, shiny, and more manageable. I received a few samples of hair masks from a local salon and was very eager to try it out. I was so pleased with the way the mask left my hair feeling that I have continued using the mask once a week. Some people choose to use a hair mask once a month but you should only be applying the mask once or twice a week at most.

My go-to mask right now is Agadir Argan Oil with Keratin Protein Moisture Masque. The combination of  keratin protein and argan oil tames frizz, protects and gives your hair a smooth, shiny look!

What kind of extra TLC do you give your hair?