I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! I wanted to kick off this short week with one of my favorite nail designs, Louboutin Inspired Nails!

You'll need black and red polish along with a clear top coat. This can get a little messy so have some polish remover and q-tips on hand!

First, turn your hand so your palm is facing up and paint the inside of your nails red. Be light with the polish or else you will end up with little puddles under your nails! If you get polish on your skin you can use those q-tips and polish remover I told you about to take care of any imperfections.

Next, turn your hand around so your palm is facing down and paint your nails with black polish as usual. Use a clear top coat to finish the look.

Now, you have nails that look like very expensive little shoes! Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Check back for new beauty tips every week!