The Holiday season is just about here and our lives will become consumed with parties, cooking, shopping and....messes! Let's make things a little easier on ourselves by getting organized! I find that I am least productive when I am feeling overwhelmed and surrounded by clutter. That's why the other day I decided to start cleaning and getting organized...starting with my car.

I can't even count how many times my dad would tell me that my car is so dirty that I could grow trees in it. Or how many times people would say "Oh, Kiesha lives out of her car" because there are a lot more shoes and clothes that should be in anyone's car.

I couldn't stand looking at or being in this messy car any longer. So, I took a plastic bag out to my car and went to work! I pulled 18 empty water bottles out of my car...EIGHTEEN! I am almost ashamed to admit that! When I got into my clean car the next day I felt like I had been robbed because it was so clean! But honestly, I feel so much better and relaxed in a clean car.

Your challenge this week is to start with cleaning out your vehicle! Hopefully you don't pull out 18 empty water bottles...