Have you been to the new One Direction Store in NYC? It's at Madison Square Garden.

My daughter is a huge 1D fan so we had to go spend some time in their store. If your a fan you too will want to check it out. You can do karaoke with One Direction songs. You can also get your picture taken and they super impose your favorite 1D singer in the picture to look like your kissing or talking to each other or in Time Square together, it's really cute and a great souvenir for a 1D fan.Then of course they have an enormous amount of merchandise for you to buy, including shirts, jackets, pajamas, hats, earrings, necklaces, cups, posters, dolls and more. The girls can also write on the walls and floors to leave a message for One Direction.

It's a cute store that my daughter is obsessed with and if I was a 1D fan I could understand why!

What's your favorite store to go to in New York City?