Thanks to the movie Rocky, the steps leading up the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a very popular spot for tourists.


The scene with Rocky Balboa, jumping with hands held high after a particularly grueling workout montage has fans flocking to the locale to have their pictures taken in similar fashion for years.  But, for the first time ever, police have questioned the driver of a BMW convertible that was spotted driving DOWN the steps!

Videos posted online show the car slowly making its way down the long, wide staircase at about midnight. The district attorney's office says the car caused about $8,000 in damage to the steps and prosecutors have approved a felony charge of criminal mischief against the driver. However, the driver won't be officially charged and his name won't be released until they can determine if by chance a mechanical problem was to blame.  (

Do you have a picture of you at the top of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art imitating the Rocky movie scene?  I'd love to see it!