Are you thinking about picking up a movie tomorrow night for Valentine's Day? Here are the top ten grossing romantic comedies, which happen to be my favorite kind of movie. Sorry to tell you Louie G but none of JLo's movies made the list of top grossing movies! What do you think about this list? Is your favorite romantic comedy on here? What is your favorite?

1.)  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding",  $241.4 million

2.)  "What Women Want",  $182.8 million

3.)  "Hitch",  $179.5 million

4.)  "Pretty Woman",  $178.4 million

5.)  "There's Something About Mary",  $176.5 million

6.)  "The Proposal",  $164 million

7.)  "Sex and the City",  $152.6 million

8.)  "Runaway Bride",  $152.3 million

9.)  "Knocked Up",  $148.8 million

10.)  "As Good As It Gets",  $148.5 million