Being a huge fan of the CW show 'The Vampire Diaries,' I had to check out the spinoff 'The Originals.'

The first showing was after the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries but the original airtime for the show is on Tuesday nights (Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday nights).

The show features the original vampire family, Klaus, Eiiljah, and Rebecka. The storyline takes place in New Orleans where the family first settled back in the 1800's when coming to the Americas from Europe. They established the city and helped it grow but were never able to gain full control due to the witches who would practice magic in the French Quarter. When their father started to chase them, they fled New Orleans and never came back, until now.

New Orleans is a bit different now than it was a hundred year's ago. The city is under control of one of Klaus' protege's he thought was dead, Marcel. The original family tries to gain the city of New Orleans back all while protecting a vampire/werewolf hybrid baby and dealing with the witches of the French Quarter.

If you are into The Vampire Diaries, you'll like the show. If not, well then it's probably not for you!