Did you get your tickets yet to board the Holiday Express with the Wild 104 family? We decided to take a bus trip down to NYC and you can join us.

We are heading down Sunday December 9th at 7am . We are going to have fun on the bus, we will watch movies and socialize. Also breakfast provided by Best Bagels of Binghamton. Then you can do whatever you want when we get to the city. My daughter and I plan on doing some shopping in SoHo and checking out the tree. We also want to go eat at Carmine's with our friend Jerry. Then we board the bus at 7pm and head home. On the way home more movies and visiting and Jim Roma's.

Tickets are still available they are only $104 or $52 each. You can pick them up at our studios, 59 Court St or you can go online to Wild104FM.com. It's going to be a lot of fun and hope you are there!

I want to know what you would like to do when you arrive in NYC.

There's still time to buy tickets! Get them here.