I was reading something the other day that said 54% of all people who celebrate Christmas actually send out Christmas cards. This year I didn't send any out. I had all intentions of doing it however.
Let's travel back in time to a nice hot, sunny day in over the summer. I was driving home from the studio with the air conditioning blasting in the car and I was just thinking.  I wanted Louie G and myself to get Christmas pictures taken and send them to our friends. I figured let's get it out of the way and do it sooner than later and while I'm thinking abut it.

So I called him, excited about my idea. And he yelled "seriously Tanya  it's like the hottest #*&?!*# day in July and you're thinking about Christmas?" I said you know it's going to get too busy the closer gets to Christmas let's just get out of the way now.

Well needless to say the idea was there but we never did go get our picture done and no Christmas cards were sent. Men, they never listen! But maybe next year he will listen to me in July and you will get a Christmas card from us.

Do you send out Christmas cards?