I LOVE this mother's genius!  Sharon Standifird a mom in Houston, Texas invented something you're going to love and you're kids are going to hate! Every parent realizes that kids are terrible at 'checking in' with them. My kids will go to a friend's house and get distracted and forget to call or text. So the invention that Sharon came up with guarantees your kids will check in because she invented an app that forces your kids to call you back. It's called 'Ignore No More'. So when a parent calls their child and the child doesn't answer, the app locks their phone and only gives them two options: Call their parent back or call 911. That means they can't text, play games, or use apps until they call their parents back and get the unlock code. The only negative this is 'Ignore No More" is only available for Android phones because Apple doesn't allow apps to lock up the phone the way this does. Hopefully Apple changes some things because this idea is great for parents! If you have an Android, you can purchase the app for $1.99.