This week's 'Cutie of the Week' is Alexa Ray Joel.  She is the offspring of singer/songwriter Billy Joel and the Beautiful Christie Brinkley.

I have always been a huge fan of Billy Joel.  The only problem with Alexa Ray Joel is that she looks so much like her dad.  If her and I were to kiss I feel like I would be kissing her dad.  I don't like him that much!  She really is a beautiful girl and she has a very unique singing voice.

She is following in her father's footsteps by being a singer/songwriter.  You can check out her website here.  From what I can tell though, her band does not have a trumpet player.  Alexa if you are reading this, I happen to know a good trumpet player who is also good looking and the co-host of the Wild 104 Morning Show.  Alright, maybe a bit of a stretch but my mom thinks I am a good trumpet player!

Congratulations Alexa Ray Joel for being this week's 'Cutie Of The Week!'