When I first started working out, I had my boyfriend give me a whole regimen since I didn't know the first thing about getting myself back into shape. I guess after high school I just never really committed myself to staying fit. When I saw that part of my routine required running I started to let the excuses flow! "I can't physically do it" was a favorite of mine. What I learned is that I could do it. Although now I don't absolutely love running, I certainly have learned how to make it much more enjoyable.

Mind over matter.

Distract yourself! When I'm running on the treadmill I bring my iPad mini along with me. I put on whatever my latest Netflix addiction is and get through those 3 miles like a champ! If you are running outside, put on your favorite music, the kind that gets you pumped! Songs with a positive message or even songs with cocky song lyrics will make you feel like the beast that you are!

Get it over with.

If you know you are gonna use the excuse that you are too tired at the end of the day, get it over with in the morning! I've realized that I am in the best of moods when I accomplish my 3 mile runs. You know what they say "You're only one workout away from a good mood".

Enjoy your alone time.

I don't really believe in needing a "workout buddy" to get things done. After all, they aren't going to do the work for you! Enjoy your time alone! Reflect on your day...or don't if it wasn't a good one. Just clear your head if you need to and take comfort in the fact that you are doing something good for yourself!