We had heard that Buddy from TLC's 'The Cake Boss' was going to be in town this week. The funny thing is, I was actually thinking about taking the kids and going to his bakery this weekend because that is something we have always wanted to do. Louie G has been there and he even talked to Buddy's sister Grace, who we actually ended up chatting with on the show.

Well, my former technology teacher, who is also the mayor of Endicott and also my dear friend had a run-in with Buddy down at The Broadway Diner this morning. I had one burning question for my former teacher and had to call him to ask...."What did Buddy get for breakfast!?!" He informed me that he didn't sit on Buddy's lap so he couldn't be sure, but he thought he had some egg whites. Egg whites?!? Interesting. I wonder if Buddy had the baklava because that's defiantly what I would have ordered.

Have you guys ever been to Carol's Bakery? And if we go, what should I get to try?