Well today my daughter Alexis turns 12, hard to believe my BABY is 12 years old!

She was due on October 25th and that's exactly when she came. Only 5 percent of babies are actually born on their exact due, and both of mine arrived on their exact due date naturally.

I went into labor with her at around 11pm. I heard a loud pop and started having hard contractions. The world series was on and Lexi's father was listening to it on his headphones and didn't hear me yelling for him. So I got into the tub to try to relax. He came up and realized what was going on and called my midwife who said, "sit back, try to relax, it will be a long night". Well it wasn't long and I realized it was time to go to the hospital so we called Jesse's mother to come over to be with Caleb who was sleeping. We headed to the hospital and barely made it up to the delivery room. We got into the room and they told me to not push that the midwife was on her way. I said no I can't wait and within a minute or two Alexis Gabrielle was born coming in at 7lbs and 13oz, the same exact weight as her brother, who is 21 months older than her and at 1:42am. My little sweet baby girl was finally here! She was so cute!

It's crazy to think my tiny little baby is now almost a teenager and is as big as me. I'm proud of the young woman she is turning out to be. So smart and so beautiful. I wonder what she will grow up to be, time will tell but what I do know is she will be amazing.