When Caleb was a toddler I remember painting Lexi's nails and he said he wanted his nails painted too. I told him "no sweetie, boys don't paint their nails, only girls." He was okay with that answer UNTIL we went to Wegmans one day and we were checking out. Our cashier was dressed Gothic. He had his nails painted black. Well Caleb was looking at him for a few minutes and he said to the young man "why do you have your nails painted if your a boy?" I was trying to hush him and he looked at me and said "AND he has his ears pierced too!!!!" I was so embarrassed! Every mother has had these moments!

A new survey came out and it tells the most embarrassing moments for moms. Hree are the top 10, take a look:

1. Your child having a tantrum in public. Sometimes you see this is a store or restaurant and you feel the mother's pain!

2. Your child telling an embarrassing truth to an adult, especially if it's an embarrassing truth about YOU!

3. Your child throwing up in public. Been there, done that!

4. Getting a call from the school telling you your kid is in trouble for bad behavior. I'm dreading this call and hope this never happens.

5. Your child pooping in a swimming pool. HAHA!

6. Your child eating food at the grocery store you haven't paid for yet. Child or Louie G, whichever.

7. Accidentally pulling a kid's toy out of your purse when you were reaching for your phone. I think that's kinda cute, I wouldn't be embarrassed!

8. Your child asking in public about how babies are made. Don't they come from the stork store?

9. Being told your child spread lice at school. Shockingly my kids have never had lice but it's pretty common but I would be embarrassed to get the call that they were spreading it, all the moms would be mad at ME.

10. Accidentally locking yourself out of your car when your child is inside. Caleb one time locked me out of the HOUSE when I went outside to barbeque. He had a field day! He got into the chips and cookies and dumped them on the floor all while he was refusing to open the door. I was embarrassed about that!

What have your kids done that have embarrassed you? I want to hear some good stories!