Tonight is our Red Hot Singles Party, and we are expecting a great turn out and an amazing time! But remember there are some deal breakers that could turn people off so I came up with the top 5 first date deal breakers.

1. Being late. Yes there are times you could get caught in traffic or other things happen but you should plan ahead. Plan on leaving extra time because making your date sit does not leave a good impression.

2. Talking about your ex. It's okay (if asked) to explain why the marriage or relationship ended but that needs to be a short discussion.

3. Drinking too much alcohol. You may be nervous and want a drink or two to relax you a little bit. But be careful not to over indulge because you just look sloppy and it's a turn off.

4. Poor hygiene. Most people would say body odor, bad teeth or dirty hair would be a deal breaker. I also think go easy on the perfume and cologne. You may want to smell nice but just be careful not to over do it.

5. Being rude to a server or hostess. This is a huge red flag and major turn off.

What are some of your date deal breakers?

I hope to see you all tonight at our singles party at The Number 5 Restaurant tonight starting at 6pm!