Here are the top 5 things you should bring to my slumber party that you might not have thought about bringing!

1. Jell-O shots! Or some sort of alcoholic beverages. I'm partial to Jell-O shots. I've seen girls fill their bathtubs with ice and "beverages", after all who needs to shower?! You HAVE to pre and post game at the slumber party!

2. Food. You're going to get hungry at some point in the night. Girls bring sheet pizzas and leave in their rooms. I always bring chips and crackers and cheese. You NEED snacks!

3. Accessories. Yes we all wear our pajamas but make sure to accessorize our outfits. Maybe some boas or beads. Have fun with it and think out of the box, and bring extras because chances are I'm going to want to wear some of your stuff too!

4. Money. There are going to be tons of cool vendors at my slumber party and you may want to get something. You can get everything from tattoos, jewelery, makeup, hair products to adult toys!

5. WATER! Bring water, lots of water. No one likes a hangover and since we are going to be dehydrated from dancing and probably drinking too make sure to bring water to keep in your room.

The slumber party is so much fun and I can't wait to see you all Saturday! What are you planning on bringing to the slumber party?