Ever since she got the party started back in 2001, Pink has been a prolific pop music superstar, consistently releasing singles, albums, and music videos. Tracking her career, it's clear that Pink continues to transform her music and herself, resulting in a dynamic sound and aesthetic.

From rocking ballads to sorrowful love songs, Pink has compiled a timeless library of enduring pop hits.

But, her coolest contribution might be her music video prowess. While some artists are passive in their video presentation, Pink is aggressively inventive and a heavy participant in her visual output. Here are our Top 5 'Uniquely Pink' music videos:

5. Sober

The video for 'Sober' is provocative and introspective. A sober Pink and an intoxicated Pink find themselves in the same place and then do the only logical thing: make out. There's a bedroom scene between Pink and Pink that's captivating in very strange ways. It's a bold move to film a self-make out scene and have the portrayal emerge as graceful and pained simultaneously, instead of crude.

4. Try

'Try' is another video that's hard to even describe. That said, here goes nothing: the video opens with Pink in the desert (maybe) covered in paint. Pink returns to a house where she finds a shirtless male model. Said model and Pink then kiss-dance-fight and smear paint on each other. You'll just have to watch it.

3. Trouble

Remind me to run away if Pink ever wants to fight. After riding into town on a horse (another secret talent), Pink walks into a saloon and proceeds to completely wipe out all of the patrons. Right crosses, left hooks, and uppercuts galore. She just beats up everybody and then there's a little romance and more punching. It's the most attractive kung fu western movie I've ever seen.

2. So What

Pink looks she had the time of her life filming the music video for 'So What.' Fresh off of a separation with Carey Hart, Pink rides a tractor in traffic, chest bumps a guitar shop employee, takes shots, throws things, chainsaws a tree to the ground, and more. There's an air of reckless abandon that's contagious. It's like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, if Ferris was a psychopath.

1. Stupid Girls

This video is hilarious (mostly for Pink's facial expressions and mockery) and features Pink calling out a lot of bad habits that she feels plagues today's girls. It's an unusually cutting social commentary and shows off Pink's comedic and acting ability. I could definitely see her doing more comedy in the future.

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