As sad as it may sound, some of us will spend Valentine's Day alone this year.  While frankly I think the holiday is a farce (and I am in a relationship so don't even go there), I wanted to help my single friends out there make their Valentine's Day... well...  not so crappy.

Here's my list of top 5 nice things you can do for yourself on Valentine's Day.

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    Make Yourself a Fancy Dinner

    Break out the candles and the fine china and whip yourself up something really nice for dinner.  Forget the calories counting and the carb watching and treat yourself to something that makes you happy.  Hey, something has to, right?

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    Go See A Movie

    There are a lot of good movies playing right now.  Maybe you didn't get a chance to see Lincoln.  It's still in theaters and you don't have to worry about a date not liking it or wanting to see it.  Grab a couple of snacks, sit back, and enjoy a quiet night at the movies.

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    Do A Spa Day

    This one is mostly for the ladies, but guys shouldn't shy away from pampering themselves either.  Treat yourself to a nice relaxing day at the spa or salon... or um, barber shop... right fellas... *cough* yeah!  Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than some nice relaxation and then gussying yourself up.  Give it a try!

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    Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

    What better way to say "you suck Valentine's Day" than by sharing your "cheer" with friends and family who feel the same way.  Grab some snacks, some spirits, and some games (or movies) and have fun with the people you care about the most.  It'll take your mind off of things and you can all bash those mushy lovebirds and ex-significant others together.

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    Go to a Valentine's Themed Event

    If you want to go out and somewhat embrace the spirit of the holiday then that's just what you should do.  Find an event in the area that is Valentine's Day themed, get dressed up, and go have fun.  In Binghamton, you could check out the Roberson Museum's Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Dinner or head on over to the River Bistro for a Valentine's Dinner and some live music.  So a search for events in your area and go have fun.  Just be sure to check with the event before heading out.

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