Tanya called in sick today to battle a bad cold.  So, I decided to invited our afternoon on-air personality, Kiesha to hang out with me this morning.  I thought, at my age, I knew everything.  But, I did learn some new things this morning about Kiesha.

Here are the top 5 things I learned about Kiesha today:

1)   Her sense of smell is way too sensitive

2)   Pizza is apparently not on Kiesha's 'Breakfast of Champions' list.

3)   She needs to realize to never dis an Italian boy's mom!  I may not be blind now but it could happen by not eating my carrots.

4)   She is an advocate for 'Urinal Etiquette!'

5)   She learned quickly that a cute smile and pretending to like me will in fact get her the key to my vending machines!

I know I said the 'top five' things I learned, but there is one more thing.  Talking bad about Justin Bieber or Mariah Carey will cause Kiesha to beat you down!

Thanks Kiesha!