Halloween is the best night for a scary movie marathon! I've put together a list of some movies that are sure to spook you out tonight or any other night of the year!

  • 1

    The Conjuring

    My parents watched this recently and I refused to! But I did basically listen to it as I was in the kitchen baking and it's SUPER creepy! Oh and it's based on a true story if you are into those kind of movies!


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  • 2

    House at the End of the Street

    You'll love this if you are a Jennifer Lawrence fan! This movies is also streaming on Netflix!

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  • 3

    The Hills Have Eyes

    A family road trip gone wrong - enjoy!

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  • 4

    When a Stranger Calls

    I will NEVER watch this movie because it will take me too long to recover and be home alone!

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  • 5

    The Devil Inside

    Saw this movie in the theater and it definitely made me jump quite a few times!

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  • 6

    The Strangers

    This is another movie based on true events! This one will make you never want to answer your door again...

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  • 7

    Paranormal Activity

    Based on true events. I saw the first 2 and that was enough for me.

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  • 8

    Amityville Horror

    Any movie that is about ghosts or any kind of spirit in someone's home isn't for me. I hear way too many strange noises in my house as it is!

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  • 9

    The Orphanage

    Your child begins to communicate with someone that you can't actually see?! Creepy!

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  • 10

    The Possession

    You can be assured that any type of possession movie is going to scare you so this is no different!