Do you ever find yourself sitting at work thinking about all the tedious tasks you need to accomplish at home? Well, when you are snowed in during a snowstorm is the perfect time to tackle those tasks! Of course, not all of these things are fun but they need to be done at some point.

We are getting hit hard with a storm right now so here are some things you can get done while you're snowed in:

  1. Clean up all messes left over from holiday celebrations
  2. Balance checkbook
  3. Organize closets
  4. Are you a blogger? Get ahead and schedule some future posts
  5. Tend to your emails. Respond, organize and delete!
  6. Update your resume
  7. If the storm hits before tax season, like now, get paperwork together for your taxes
  8. Reorganize kitchen cabinets
  9. Try some of those recipes you've pinned on Pinterest
  10. Take that box of old family photos and put them in albums or create a scrapbook!

What will you be doing during this storm?