I am a huge vampire fan and have been since I was young. Last year, my parents bought me a new suitcase for my birthday and my sister filled it up with a bunch of vampire books! (Okay, there was one book about Britney Spears in there as well).

Most of the vampire books were a series by Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy. As a woman in her twenties, I found these books intriguing, interesting, well written and miraculously not too inappropriate for teens. Mead wrote sexual situations in a way where you know whats happening without describing every detail and there isn't that many of them throughout the series in general.

The book follows two girls who are connected by a friendship that is strengthened by a spiritual bond formed when one of the dies and the other brings her back to life. The concepts of vampires, their different states and different elements they can possess in the series are unlike any I have ever encountered before. I can see Mead taking over Stephanie Myers spot in the fantasy world of vampires and would love to see movies come out on this particular series!